Privacy Policy


This policy is called the "Privacy Policy" and applies to any personal information ("User Information") that you provide to myfrsau using the website and any related domains ("myfrsau").

"Myfrsau" refers to Afloraline and its affiliates, and "you" refers to you, the user of this website.

myfrsau reserves the right to edit, update or modify this policy at any time, and will notify users to change the content.

Any user information you enter in the forum or any other area when you use our website will only be used for the collection phase or for the purposes described in this policy.

Without your consent, mfujnln will not transmit user information to non-associated third parties through sales or other means. If applicable, you can choose to "opt out" to receive marketing or promotional materials about other services from Afloraline or any third party.

In order to perform statistical analysis of user behavior and characteristics, myfrsau reserves the right to collect and analyze any and all user behaviors on the myfrsau website, including the use and interest of any or all areas of the website, and the number of users who use the website. Use the website. Click or display on the ad banner (if applicable). The aggregated data and analysis can only be passed on to third parties. Afloraline is not responsible for the immediate use of these data or any such policies of third parties requesting personal information, and users should consult the appropriate privacy rules of any such third parties.

1. Personal information we collect
When you use our services, we will collect your personal information, create an account with us, or submit personal information according to the requirements of the website. Personal information usually relates to you and can identify you personally, as well as any information that can identify you, such as your name, email address, phone number, address, and payment account number. The definition of personal information varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. According to this privacy policy, only the definitions that apply to your location apply to you. Personal information does not contain irreversible anonymous or aggregated data, so no matter how it is used in combination with other information or other information, we will no longer be able to identify you.
The types of personal information we may collect about you include:
Answer: The information you provide directly and voluntarily to us to execute the purchase or service contract. When you use our services, we will collect the personal information you provide to us. For example, if you visit our website and place an order, we will collect the information you provide to us during the ordering process. This information will include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, payment account or credit card information. In some areas, passport information and tax number are also required to handle customs clearance procedures for customers. We may also collect personal information when you communicate with any of our departments (such as customer service), or when you fill out online forms or surveys provided on the website. If you want to receive information about the products and services provided by Wellill, you can also choose to provide us with an email address,
B. Information you provide to us to improve our products and services. You can voluntarily provide us with your height, age, weight and height and your preferences
C. The information you post on the website. If you publish information (such as customer reviews) in the public area of ​​the website, other users of the website and the public may collect and use that information. It is strongly recommended that you do not post any private information on this website, so as to prevent strangers from identifying or finding you, or you do not want to share it with the public.
D. Information you provide through our live chat on the website. You can provide personal information through our live chat (available on the website 24 hours). It is strongly recommended that you do not post any information that you do not want to share with chat employees via live chat.
When you contact customer service via voice to resolve related issues, we may also store your voice information, and we will protect your voice information security.
E. Information automatically collected through the website. When you use this website, we may automatically collect personal information about you. For example, if you visit the website through a computer, we will automatically collect information such as your browser type and version, computer and connection information, Internet Protocol ("IP") address, and standard web log information. If you visit this website from a mobile device, we can also identify the location of your mobile device. You can choose not to share your location details with us by adjusting the location service settings of your mobile device. Description about the change