About Us

myfrsau is an online shopping site for perfume brands that has just started. What we did before was offline service experience. We always put our customers first, because our original intention is to leave you a trace of peace, so that you can feel a kind of peace in your fast-paced life. The light within you. We comply with every rule we make, which makes us different from the new team. Now at myfrsau.cn, you can see many excellent products, which are carefully selected by us. These products are of good quality and matched in price. We believe that every transaction between us and our customers can achieve a win-win situation.

myfrsau.cn is built on three core principles:

1. The best product and the right price

2. Stable suppliers and safe logistics services

3. Timely customer communication service

We believe that providing services to customers is the responsibility of ensuring that they are satisfied with the goods they purchase. Whether it is pre-sales or after-sales, we will do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied and bring you the best consumer experience.

Do you have any questions?

Have questions about any of our products or can't find what you are looking for? Please contact us at lorenzovillore@outlook.com, our customer service will communicate with you to solve all your problems. Hope our products can accompany you every day and bring you a comfortable feeling.
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