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Floral and Fresh Perfume Set

TOP NOTES:Lily of the valley

MIDDLE NOTES:Dew green/leafy/rose/jasmine

BASE NOTES:Cannes/Wood/Musk


TOP NOTES:Gooseberry/lemon/lime

MIDDLE NOTES:Lily of the valley/peach/pear tree/peony/roses

BASE NOTES:Sandalwood/vanilla/musk


TOP NOTES:Lily of the valley/spearmint lemon

MIDDLE NOTES:Green jasmine/blackcurrant/peach/rose

BASE NOTES:Cannes wood/musk

    How To Use:

    • Hold the bottle 5-7 cms away from your skin.
    • Spray gently on your body.
    • Use it on your pulse points like wrists, neck
    • It can also be sprayed on your clothes.
    It lasts a long time, basically most of the day if you sprayed it once a day.


    • Ships In: 1-3 Days
    • Delivery Area: Nationwide
    • Country of Origin: United States
    About Us
      We experiment with different materials to come up with pleasing fragrances.  We want you to smell nice, energizing yourselves and with hopes of reducing stress or just lifting your mood.Lorenzovillore -Innovative but traditional. The new way to discover your scent online.

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    If you receive a perfume that does not achieve the effect, you can get a full refund.